Use & Data Protection


Mastercard SecureCode / Identity Check (hereafter «SecureCode») is an internationally recognized security standard for online card payments that offers added protection against online card fraud.

Terms and Conditions for Using SecureCode

By accessing the information and functions provided by SecureCode, the user agrees to the following Terms of Use. It is not possible to use SecureCode without agreeing to these Terms of Use.

The following Terms of Use supplement the General Terms and Conditions for the use of prepaid cards (hereafter «Card») issued by CREDIT SUISSE (Switzerland) Ltd. (hereafter «CSPC»), to which the user has agreed by obtaining, accepting, or using the Card.

1. Scope of Features.

CSPC is entitled to change the scope of the SecureCode features, to limit the availability of SecureCode, or to discontinue SecureCode at any time without prior notice. CSPC has no obligation to update SecureCode or to adapt it to changing conditions.

2. Data Security.

Organizational and technical measures are being taken to reasonably protect personal data from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, or manipulation. However, the use of SecureCode may involve the transmission of data via an open, public network (i.e. the Internet).

This may include cross-border data transmissions.

By using SecureCode, the user expressly accepts the ensuing risk of disclosure of the banking relationship and of the customer information collected of the resulting customer information to third parties.

3. Mandatory Precautions.

Users shall keep devices from which SecureCode is accessed safe and take appropriate measures to protect them from being accessed or manipulated by unauthorized third parties. The PIN, the Internet code, and further passwords shall be kept separately from the device and shall not be stored on the device or disclosed to third parties. It is the responsibility of the user to take the safety precautions of the state of the art and the recommended security measures to protect their device.

4. Liability.

As far as legally possible, CSPC excludes any liability for losses caused e.g. by transmission errors, technical defects and disturbances, operating failures, service interruptions (including system-inherent maintenance), or unlawful interference with the user's end device. Furthermore, any guarantee and liability for the completeness, currency, and accuracy of the information displayed on the user's end device are excluded.
Provided that CSPC has exercised due care in the provision of its services, its liability will be limited to the direct losses of the customer

Any liability for indirect losses of the customer is excluded.

5. Amendments to the Terms of Use.

CSPC reserves the right to amend the terms of use at any time. Amended terms of use are made available to the user via SecureCode or in another suitable manner and take effect two months after the date of their publication if no objection is received.


Data Protection Statement Regarding the Use of SecureCode

By accessing the information and functions provided by SecureCode, the user agrees to the following Data Protection Statement. It is not possible to use SecureCode without agreeing to this Data Protection Statement.

The processing of customers' personal data by CREDIT SUISSE (Switzerland) Ltd. (hereafter CSPC) is subject to Swiss data protection legislation. The App is developed and operated by Opentech Software Engineering srl in Rome, Italy (hereafter «Opentech») on behalf of CSPC. The user declares their consent that personal data related to the use of the App (card balance, information regarding load amounts, card replacements, and card closures as well as transactions conducted) are transmitted by CSPC or Mastercard, respectively, to Opentech and processed by the latter.

The personal data is processed and stored by Opentech in Italy. CSPC has contractually obliged Opentech to safeguard Swiss and Liechtenstein bank customer confidentiality, respectively. The customer acknowledges that any transmission of data to Opentech in connection with the present declaration of consent is governed by Italian law and the data is therefore not comprehensively protected by Swiss or Liechtenstein law, respectively, or by the principles of Swiss or Liechtenstein bank customer confidentiality, respectively. Italian laws and regulations do not necessarily ensure the same level of confidentiality, bank customer secrecy, or data protection as Swiss or Liechtenstein law, respectively, and may stipulate that Opentech must partly or entirely disclose the data to authorities or to other third parties.

The confidentiality of personal data remains guaranteed at all times. Opentech may use the personal data according to the contractual provisions between the user and CSPC exclusively.

Every online payment made with SecureCode is subject to the current Terms of Use and the current Data Protection Statement. They can be viewed online during the payment process. Alternatively, on request of the Cardholder, they will be provided by CSPC on paper.